September 20 to 22, 2024 – 10am-5pm

Apply for the Tour

Thinking of applying for next year’s PEC Studio Tour?
The PEC Studio Tour is a juried Tour.
The Call for Entry goes out mid-November and applications are accepted until the first week of January.
Here’s a few other things you should know.

Application for Entry

Prince Edward County Studio Tour (also referred to as PEC Studio Tour, the Studio Tour or simply the Tour) is a volunteer-run Prince Edward County Arts Council event. The Tour affords an opportunity for artists who are residents of Prince Edward County to open their studios to the public where they can display and sell their art, do demonstrations, and converse with new, repeat and potential clientele. Studio Tour Weekend and organized pop-up events attract hundreds of visitors annually.

Artists with a studio are encouraged to host one or more member Guest Artist at their studio during Tour Weekend. Studios with Guests generally draw larger numbers of visitors on Tour Weekend. It’s not necessary for you to find a guest artist yourself. We can assist in matching you with a suitable candidate from those that apply.

Conversely guest applicants need not make arrangements with a Studio Artist Member prior to applying. There are many reasons to apply as a Guest. You need not reside in Prince Edward County to be a Guest Artist, although many do. They choose to because their studio/gallery is located in the far reaches of the County, or the studio physical space itself is not easily accessible to visitors.

Each “new to the Tour” applicant’s work is subject to a jurying process and studio/gallery inspection. The jurying process is based on a number of criteria including the quality of the work, the professionalism of the presentation, studio/gallery space suitability, safety requirements, etc. Returning members may be subject to a jury interview to ensure that they continue to meet Tour requirements. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are cornerstones to a thriving art community. We welcome applications from underrepresented groups, including artists with disabilities, those that identify as Indigenous, BPOC, LGBTQ2S+, and young emerging artists. Click here to read our full Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity statement.

The Tour strives for a balanced representation of artistic media and an optimal number of studio locations. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be accepted.

Tour Benefits (click to open)

  • Representation in a full-colour, year round guide. Tour brochures are printed in April and distributed throughout the Spring and Summer; Each participant’s section will consist of one image, name, location, hours and contact information.
  • Representation on the Tour website – one web page per artist to include same information from the brochure plus an additional 3 -5 images of the artist’s or gallery’s work with links to participants’ own website.
  • Mass marketing of the Tour through social media, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio coverage, etc.
  • Marketing signage throughout the County.
  • Opportunity for Studio Tour social media posts, radio interviews, etc. spotlighting your studio/gallery.
  • Kick-off party prior to Tour weekend.
  • Networking with fellow County and guest artists.
  • Sponsorship funding to help cover costs.
  • The benefit of e-blasts to promote the Tour.
  • Tour Membership signage to display on your property year-round at no additional charge.
  • Directional signage to your studio location during Tour Weekend at no additional charge.
  • A supply of Tour brochures for distribution throughout the year.
  • The “instant credibility” of being a Member of one of the longest running and most diverse studio tours in Ontario.

Requirements and Obligations

Non-compliance with any of these conditions may result in exclusion from future Tours.

Individual Artists With Studio

  • Be a resident or ratepayer of Prince Edward County.
  • Be a member of PEC Arts Council. For more information about the various levels of PEC Arts Council membership available and information on how to apply: go to
  • Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your work during the Tour.
  • Have a working permanent studio space at the location where you create your art.
  • Have a substantial body of your own original work available to display and sell on the Tour weekend. No other artists’ work (unless Tour guest artist) can be available to the public at your location on Tour weekend).
  • All art work must be original and hand-crafted – not mass-produced (no giftware). Exceptions include fine art reproductions (prints, giclees, etc.) and art cards.
  • Be located in a building able to accommodate substantial traffic during Tour Weekend.
  • Distribute brochures provided by the Studio Tour to your clients and to assigned locations within the County throughout the year.
  • Provide your email address – all Studio Tour correspondence is electronic.
  • Attend both general meetings (Spring and Fall) called by the Tour Executive.
  • Be prepared to contribute to the Tour in a volunteer capacity.
  • Proof the brochure by the print deadline.
  • Display permanent Tour signs at your studio/gallery year-round and display temporary Tour signs at your studio/gallery about a week prior to the Tour. All permanent and temporary signs are to be returned to the Studio Tour if you retire from the Tour.
  • Provide display items for the Information Centre, if applicable, during the Tour weekend.
  • Optionally participate in pop-up Preview Show(s) during summer season.
  • Have adequate 3rd party liability insurance of not less than $2,000,000. Participants may be required to provide proof of insurance.
  • Participants must sign an Insurance Waiver.
  • Maintain your own website, blog, Facebook page, etc.
  • Maintain a link from your website to the PEC Studio Tour website.
  • You are encouraged to write one or more articles with accompanying photo or submit videos, about your art, studio space and/or your creative process. The Studio Tour will be pleased to promote you via Tour social media.

NB: The number of visitors can vary widely if you are in a remote location, especially if there are no other member studios nearby.  We strongly encourage you to host one or more artists, or as an alternative, applying as a Guest Artist might be the best option for you. Having multiple artists at one location generally draws more visitors.

Studio (and display/gallery area) Requirements and Guidelines

  • Studio should be a dedicated space in the home/workshop where artwork is created.
  • Display/gallery area can be separate from work area. It should be well lit.
  • Studio and gallery area must be open to the public on Tour Weekend.
  • No other artist’s work should be on display during Tour Weekend (unless double studio, collaborative artists’ studio, or hosting a guest artist).
  • Studio and gallery areas should be easily accessible and safe for the public. Nothing to trip over. No sharp tools, dangerous electrical wires or connections, no small items at child level, no very hot or cold apparatus within reach. It is recommended that all machinery be unplugged for the Tour weekend unless in a separate area not accessible by the public.
  • Flooring should be even and stable. Stairs must be safe and include hand rails.
  • When open to the public, supplies, materials and tools used by the artist should be clean and organized. It is preferable to have some works in progress, some older and some recent examples of artist’s work.
  • All work should be labeled and priced.
  • Ability to handle sales transactions electronically (ie: Square, e-transfer, etc.).

Guest Artists

  • Must have a substantial body of your own original work available to display and sell on the Tour weekend.
  • Be in attendance and prepared to discuss your work during the Tour.
  • Provide your email address – all Studio Tour correspondence is electronic.
  • Provide display items for the Information Centre, if applicable, during the Tour weekend.
  • If a County resident, be prepared to contribute to the Tour in a volunteer capacity, and attend the Spring and Fall Annual General Meetings.
  • Proof the brochure by the print deadline – arrangements will be made for you to do this remotely if you unable to proof in person.
  • Distribute Studio Tour brochures to businesses in your area.
  • Maintain your own website, blog or Facebook/Instagram page.
  • Maintain a link from your website to the PEC Studio Tour website.
  • Guest Artists are required to pay $30 as part of their Tour entrance fee attributable to the PEC Arts Council. This fee is not applicable if the Guest Artist is a member of PEC Arts Council. Visit for more information about membership.
  • Have the ability to handle sales transactions electronically (ie: Square, e-transfer, etc.).

New Applicants (includes those returning from absence of more than 3 years)

  • Participate in the jurying process during the month of January (including a visit to your County studio/gallery by jury members if applicable) subject to first being deemed an appropriate candidate for the Tour at this time.
  • Individuals must submit as part of their application:
    • An artist biography/CV and artist’s statement.
    • 3 images of recent work. Email images (max. size 5mb in .jpg format) to Include “PEC Studio Tour New/Returning Artist Applicant” in your email subject.

Fees for 2024

Payable at the time of application – NEW applicants should not submit payment until the jurying process has been completed.

Individual Artist*/** $300
Guest Artist*** $300 + $30 PEC Arts Council Fee***

* Double studios – each individual must submit an application.
** See applicable Requirements and Obligations section for important info about PEC Arts Council requirement.
*** $30 portion of the fee is not applicable if Guest is a member of PEC Arts Council. Visit for more info.

Application Checklist

Application Checklist

  • Member of PEC Arts Council (if applying as Studio).
  • Completed Application form.
  • Completed Insurance Waiver.
  • Selected Volunteer Sign-Up options (does not apply to non-resident Guest Artists).
  • If NEW applicant submit by email to – artist biography/ CV and artist’s statement, plus 3 images of your recent work. Images should be max. size of 5MB in JPG format. Include “PEC Studio Tour New/Returning Artist Applicant” in your email Subject.


By email to
Or call 613-476-8767